Earning points

New to western riding? Here's your point earning checklist.

  1. Be a financial member of an affiliated Western Riding Club or Breed Association
  2. Complete a Points on Computer form for yourself and your horse. The Federation will then allocate you both with lifetime numbers.
  3. If you wish to compete in points approved Federation shows, order two vinyl numbers for your horse. Remember your own number for completing entry forms for the show.
  4. New adult riders are eligible to enter rookie, amateur, and open/adult rider and Junior and Senior horse events. If eligible to ride amateur (refer to rules) complete an Amateur Application form annually, after 1 August.
  5. Get the latest rule book - click here for details

NZWRF points and awards

The Western Riding Federation offers lifetime awards to recognise the achievements of both horses and riders. These awards are gained on the basis of points gained using the following points calculation table.

Number in class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
1-2 1          
3-4 2 1        
5-6 3 2 1      
7-8 4 3 2 1    
9-10 5 4 3 2 1  
11-15 6 5 4 3 2 1
16-20 7 6 5 4 3 2
21 + 8 7 6 5 4 3

Lifetime awards
To qualify, a horse must win a class where 6 or more horses competed.

  • Register of Merit: 25 points in total, or 25 points in an individual event.
  • Champion: 60 points over two events, i.e. 30 points in each or 60 points in an individual event.
  • Honour Roll: 100 points over two events, i.e. 50 points in each or 100 points in an individual event.


The above awards are available to horses whose riders are current financial members of an affiliated western riding club or financial contributing body such as ApHANZ, PHANZ or AQHANZ.

Youth awards are available to current financial members of a club or contributing body.

Amateur riders must hold a current NZWRF amateur card.

Awards are available in the following categories:


  • Western Trail
  • Western Riding
  • Western Pleasure
  • Western Reining
  • Working Cowhorse
  • Hunter Under Saddle
  • Hunter Barrel Race
  • Flag Race
  • Keyhole Race
  • Ring Race
  • Steer Daubing
  • Stake Race
  • Ranch Riding


  • Youth Trail
  • Youth Western Riding
  • Youth Reining Control
  • Youth Western Pleasure
  • Youth Showmanship
  • Youth Horsemanship
  • Youth Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Youth Working Cowhorse
  • Youth Costume
  • Youth Bareback Equitation
  • Youth Ranch Riding
  • Youth Hunter Under Saddle

Adult rider

  • Open/Adult Showmanship
  • Open/Adult Horsemanship
  • Open/Adult Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Open/Adult Bareback Equitation

Amateur rider

  • Amateur Western Pleasure
  • Amateur Hunter Under Saddle
  • Amateur Trail
  • Amateur Reining
  • Amateur Horsemanship
  • Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Amateur Western Riding
  • Amateur Ranch Riding
  • Amateur Showmanship at Halter

Extra notes:
Youth competitors do not have to win a class of 6 or more to be eligible for youth awards.

Rookie award - 25 points gained in Rookie events

  • Rookie Western Pleasure
  • Rookie Trail
  • Rookie Western Horsemanship
  • Rookie Ranch Riding


Extra notes:
Once Rookie competitors have amassed a total of 25 Rookie points, Rookie points will cease to accumulate and that competitor is no longer eligible to compete in any Rookie class after the end of that season. A class of 6 does not have to be won.

Rookie ROM - General Performance - gained once 25 points are attained over a variety of events. Must win a class of 6.