Rule books for the 2020/2021 show season now available

The AQHA rule book (performance rules) and the NZ section of the rule book are both available for 20120/2021.


AQHA rule book (Performance rules) is now only available as a PDF file from The rule book can be downloaded FOC from the aqha site, make sure you have the correct year as NZ runs 6 months behind America. i.e. America runs January to December, NZ runs July to August on the same book.





NZ Section of rule book (PDF file only) 

is available FOC  from


Please note the AQHA rule book 68th edition can be downloaded FOC from the web NB:The following clauses shall apply from the AQHA Rule Book(68h Edition)


Inhumane Treatment         VIO200-206

Unsportsmanlike Conduct VIO220-406

Show Officials                        SHW127

Show Offical duties   SHW127.3-128.7

Show Manager          SHW128.9-129.4     

Show Secretary SHW130-130.3+130.6     

Ring Steward    SHW130-134.6+134.8       

Animal Welfare            SHW205-205.3

Amateur/Youth Horse Ownership



Youth Eligibility                    SHW236

Amateur/Youth Lease horses



Exhibitors Conduct      SHW255-255.4   

Equipment                                SHW300

Western Equipment               SHW305

Western Optional Equipment SHW306                                         

Western Prohibited EquipmentSHW307

English Equipment                  SHW310                                          

English optional Equipment    SHW311                                        

English Prohibited EquipmentSHW312

Pleasure Driving Equipment   SHW313

Pleasure Driving Optional Equipment


Pleasure Driving Prohibited Equipment


Attire                                       SHW320

Lameness                                 SHW325

Gaits – Western Classes          SHW330

Gaits Western Pleasure           SHW331

Gaits English Classes              SHW332

Gaits Pleasure Driving            SHW333

Gaits Ranch Riding                 SHW334

Procedure for judging Halter  SHW362                               

Showmanship at Halter    SHW370-375

       Presentation of horse        SHW376

       Performance              SHW377-379  

Rookie/Level 1 classes          SHW380

Performance classes               SHW400

Western Pleasure            SHW402-414

Ranch Riding                  SHW416-419

Level 1 Ranch Riding   SHW415

Western Horsemanship   SHW430-438

Western Riding               SHW451-454

Level 1 Western Riding   SHW450

Level 1 Trail                     SHW460

Trail                                SHW461-468

Reining                           SHW480-490

Working Cowhorse        SHW505-509

Boxing                            SHW510-513                                                                                                                                             

Team Penning                SHW540-545

Ranch Sorting                        SHW547

Versatility Ranch Horse        SHW550

Ranch Horse Divisions SHW552-558                  

Versatility Ranch Riding       SHW560

Ranch Trail                            SHW561

Ranch Reining                       SHW562

Ranch Cow Work                  SHW563

Limited Ranch Cow Work     SHW564

Ranch Cutting                        SHW565

Ranch Conformation             SHW566

Hunter Under Saddle      SHW601-604

Pleasure Driving                    SHW610

Hunt Seat Equitation      SHW616-622

Hunter Hack                   SHW625-627

Working Hunter               SHW636-639

Hunt Seat Equitation over Fences


Jumping                           SHW656-660

Barrel Race                       SHW700-702

Pole Bending                    SHW703-705

Stake Race                        SHW710-712

Judges             SHW900-904.6; 906-915



As we have adopted the majority of show and performance rules in the AQHA rule book as published annually, all rules that we adopt from time to time the following shall apply, references to AQHA in said rule book shall be substituted by NZWRF and all terms referring to American Quarter Horse shall be taken to be an horse. When the adopted rules are duplicated in both NZWRF and AQHA show and performance rules the AQHA rule will prevail

 To all Western Riding Clubs, Breeds and Competitors